Creative Evolution


Natural Selection and the Urge to Remix

ISBN: 978-1-60785-263-6

edited by Mark Amerika

Introduction: What Is Creativity?[edit]

What is Creativity?

In his Process and Reality
Alfred North Whitehead writes that

Creativity is the principle of novelty.

The concept of novelty or more specifically
novelty generation as the modus operandi of
all living creatures mutating in the remix pool
relates to current trends in networked art
where the artist-as-medium postproduces
the Source Material Everywhere
as part of a larger co-poietic unfolding
inside the networked space of flows (more...)


Cheryl A. Kerfeld
When Art, Science, and Culture Commingle
David P. Barash
Biology Lurks Beneath: Bioliterary Explorations of the Individual versus Society
Liane Gabora
The Beer Can Theory of Creativity
Elena Daprati, Marco Iosa, Patrick Haggard
A Dance to the Music of Time: Aesthetically-Relevant Changes in Body Posture in Performing Art
Marco Iacoboni, Istvan Molnar-Szakacs, Vittorio Gallese, Giovanni Buccino, John C. Mazziotta, Giacomo Rizzolatti
Grasping the Intentions of Others with One’s Own Mirror Neuron System
Chrisantha Fernando, K.K. Karishma, Eors Szathmary
Copying and Evolution of Neuronal Topology
Steven P. DiPaola and Liane Gabora
Incorporating Characteristics of Human Creativity into an Evolutionary Art Algorithm
Richard Samuels
Is the Mind Massively Modular?
Johan De Smedt
Toward an Integrative Approach of Cognitive Neuroscientific and Evolutionary Psychological Studies of Art
Mark Amerika
Source Material Everywhere
Mark Amerika
Ghost Tendencies
John Egenes
Commentary: The Remix Culture; How the Folk Process Works in the 21st Century
Geoffrey F. Miller
Aesthetic fitness: How Sexual Selection Shaped Artistic Virtuosity as a Fitness Indicator and Aesthetic Preferences as Mate Choice Criteria
Julie Copeland
The Creative Urge: Elizabeth Grosz


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