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edited by David Boothroyd

Introduction: Drugs Are Us[edit]

The popular trope which depicts the origin of life on earth as emerging from a ‘chemical soup’ continues to have an enduring hold over the imagination. Of course, whether this ‘soup’ was a prebiotic puddle on the surface of this third rock from the Sun, originally ‘canned’, superheated and pressurised in one of its internal faults, or a kind of extraterrestrial material reheated in some way after having reached the early Earth from elsewhere in universe, may not be known for sure. Nevertheless, advances in sciences such as paleogenomics and paleohistology have shown us that at least a part of the story of the origin of life can be traced in each and every cell of our living bodies. (more...)

Pure Pharmacology[edit]

James Black
Reflections on drug research
H.P. Rang
The receptor concept: pharmacology’s big idea
Patrick Vallance, Trevor G Smart
The future of pharmacology
Joni L. Rutter
Symbiotic Relationship of Pharmacogenetics and Drugs of Abuse
Kathy Giacommini – How Drugs May Be Tailored to Your Genetic Makeup


Geoffrey Hunt, Molly Moloney, and Kristin Evans
Epidemiology Meets Cultural Studies: Studying and Understanding Youth Cultures, Clubs and Drugs
Steve Sussman, Mary A Pentz, Donna Spruijt-Metz and Toby Miller
Misuse of "study drugs:" prevalence, consequences, and implications for policy
Carol J Boyd and Sean E McCabe ; Coming to terms with the nonmedical use of prescription medications
Damon Barrett (ed.)
Children of the Drug War
Stanton Peele – A Better Approach to Drugs and Alcohol


David Healy
Psychopharmacology and the Goverment of the Self
Joanna Moncrieff and David Cohen
Do Antidepressants Cure or Create Abnormal Brain States?


Sunniva Nyberg Karlsen, Olav Spigset, LARS Slørdal
The Dark Side of Ecstasy: Neuropsychiatric  Symptoms After Exposure to 3,4-Methylenedioxymetamphetamine
John H. Halpern, Andrea R. Sherwood, James I. Hudson, Staci Gruber, David Kozin, Harrison G. Pope Jr
Residual neurocognitive features of long-term ecstasy users with minimal exposure to other drugs
John PA Ioannidis
Effectiveness of antidepressants: an evidence myth constructed from a thousand randomized trials?
John M Davis, William J Giakas, Jie Qu, Pavan Prasad and Stefan Leucht
Should We Treat Depression with drugs or
psychological interventions? A Reply to Ioannidis
Barry Everitt
The Neural Basis of Drug Addiction
Martin Wiener, Matthew S. Matell and H B. Coslett
Optimized Networks for Time Perception


The Spirit Molecule (Dir. Mitch Schultz, 2010. 10 parts)
Michael Heinrich
Ethnopharmacology in the 21st century – grand challenges
Rainer W Bussmann and Douglas Sharon
Naming a Phantom - the Quest to Find the Identity of the Ulluchu, an Unidentified Cerimonial Plant of the Moche Culture in Northern Peru
Stephan A Padosch, Dirk W Lachenmeier and Lars U Kröner
Absinthism: A Fictitious 19th. Centrury Syndrome with Present Impact
Ronald K. Bullis
The “Vine of the Soul” vs. The Controlled Substances Act: Implications of the Hoasca Case


Tammy Saah
The evolutionary origins and significance of drug addiction
Richard Sullivan, Isabel Behncke and Arnie Purushotham
Why Do We Love Medicines So Much?
Ibogaine - Rite of Passage (Lun Arts Productions Documentary)


Syed Ziaur Rahman, Rahat Ali Khan, Varun Gupta and Misbah Uddin
Pharmacoenvironmentology – a component of pharmacovigilance


Thomas Szasz – Our Right to Drugs: An Interview with Thomas Szasz
Lynn Zimmer
The History of Cannabis Prohibition
A Report by TRANSFORM Drug Policy Foundation
After the War on Drugs: Options for Control
Jonathan Birdwell, Jake Chapman, Nicola Singleton
Taking Drugs Seriously: A DEMOS and UK Drug Policy Commission Report on Legal Highs
Global Commission on Drugs Report (2011)
Mike Trace
Drug Policy – Lessons Learnt, and Options for the Future
European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction - Portugal's Drugs Policy
Kathy Gyngell
The UK’s Treatment War on Drugs: A Lesson in Unintended Consequences and Perverse Outcomes

Counter-cultural psycho-pharmacology[edit]

Timothy Leary : Cooper Union Address, 1964
David Pearce
Utopian Pharmacology

Aesthetics and anaesthetics[edit]

Mike Jay
The Atmosphere of Heaven: the 1799 Nitrous Oxide Researches Reconsidered
John Mann
No Laughing Matter

Narco-cultural theory[edit]

Dave Boothroyd
Deposition: Drugs in Theory
Peta Malins
Machinic Assemblages: Deleuze, Guattari and an Ethico-Aesthetics of Drug Use


Franklin G. Miller, David Wendler, Leora C. Swartzman
Deception in Research on the Placebo Effect
Rinah T Yamamoto, Katherine H Karlsgodt, David Rott, Scott E Lukas and Igor Elman
Effects of perceived cocaine availability on subjective and objective responses to the drug
Understanding the Placebo Effect
Roundtable discussion with Robert Ader, Rob DeRubeis, John Kelley, Richard Kradin, and Rosamond Rhodes :


Joe Rogan talks about DMT

Heroes of Drugs Research[edit]

PHIKAL (Part 2)
Alexander Shulgin
Alexander Flemming


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