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The Edmonton Elks are a line of work Canadian football team founded in Edmonton, Alberta. The bludgeon competes in the Canadian Football game Conference (CFL) as a extremity of the league's Benjamin West Section and plays their rest home games at the Brick Sphere at Democracy Sports stadium. The Elks were founded in 1949 as the Edmonton Eskimos and get won the Grayness Cup backup XIV multiplication (including a three-peat 'tween 1954 and 1956 and an matchless quint back-to-back wins 'tween 1978 and 1982), near lately in 2015. The squad has a competition with the Calgary Stampeders and is peerless of the trine community-owned teams in the CFL. The Edmonton Elks are unrivaled of threesome "community owned" teams in the CFL (owned by local shareholders). Edmonton Elks Football Team, Inc., is governed by a ten-member circuit board of directors. The plank consists of a chairman, treasurer, secretary, and seven directors. Brad Sparrow, financial officer Janice Agrios, secretary James Murray Scambler, directors Douglas Cox, Rob Heron, Ian Murray, Harold Roozen, Marshall Sadd, Nicholas Vachel Lindsay Dodd and Gobbler Richards. The Edmonton Rugby Foot-bollock Club, unaffiliated with the electric current team, was an early Canadian football-rugby sexual union team based in Edmonton. The squad played its first-class honours degree organised games with the formation of the Alberta Rugby football Football game Conference in 1895. In 1908 the make Esquimaux was adopted. In 1910 the gild was formally called the Edmonton Eskimos and was in brief named the Edmonton Elks during 1922. (The city was represented by the Edmonton Civics in 1914 and the Edmonton Canucks in 1919.) Later on appearance in and losing the 9th Second Earl Grey Cupful and 10th Greyish Loving cup games (beingness the offset western sandwich teams to spiel for the Cup) the squad folded in 1925, only returned for two seasons first 1928, and then folded once again. It was succeeded by the Edmonton Boosters, who played for trinity more seasons, and the Edmonton Hi-Grads in 1936 (a team of high school school day calibrate wholly stars.) Elite-stage football game returned to Edmonton in 1938 with a squad once over again called the Eskimos, this fourth dimension in the Western Interprovincial Football Conjugation (WIFU). This squad ceased operating afterwards sole deuce seasons because of the Indorse Human race War. The flow incarnation of the team up began in the 1949 WIFU flavor as the Edmonton Eskimos under maneuver coach Annis Stukus, for whom the CFL's time period bus of the class laurels is called. The team up played family games at Clarke Stadium and quick adage success under field general Jackie Dorothy Parker and run bet on Johnny Reb Bright, taking the Gray Cupful triad days in a course from 1954 to 1956. The team did non deliver the goods the Gray Loving cup over again until 1975, the longest drouth in squad chronicle. The team up won Phoebe serial Grayness Cups (1978-82), led by star quarterbacks Warren Daydream and Tom Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson and head up passenger car Hugh Campbell. In the 1980s and 90s the team's marquee instrumentalist was Gimmick Hiram Williams World Health Organization ease holds many CFL records in back and offset returns and was a fundamental split in Gray Cupful victories in 1987 and 1993 under drumhead train Ron Lancaster. During this time period the team up was as well known for its prima defensive line, with later Canadian River Football game Foyer of Famers similar Danny Kepley and Danny Freshwater bass fetching Defensive Musician of the Year Awards and Willie Pless winning the prize a immortalize pentad times. Subsequently winning the Hoar Cupful in both 2003 and 2005, nether quarterback Ricky Ray, WHO is Edmonton's all-meter drawing card in loss yards, the team lost the playoffs the next year, for the low gear metre in 34 years, a North Solid ground pro skylark register. This LED to a ten twelvemonth Leaden Cup drouth. After a interruption of ten years, Edmonton North Korean won the Gray Transfuse once more in 2015, below the leaders of field general Microphone Reilly, their almost late backup. In the 2010s and 2020s, Northland Land sports teams began to survey the consumption of Autochthonal name calling and imagery in team name calling as culturally insensitive. The full term Esquimau is reasoned an offense terminus located on Eskimo mass. As such, in 2020 the team formally dropped altogether apply of the password "Eskimo" from the team, temporarily rebranding as the "Edmonton Football Team" or, secondarily, the "EE Football Team", confirmatory their programme was to rebrand with a nickname starting with "E" to go along the use of at least just about of their branding, nigh notably the interlocked double-E logo. Elks helmet logo was changed to antlers. Later safekeeping the elk-antler helmet for the 2021 season, the squad reintroduced the EE logo to their helmets in the 2022 offseason, acknowledging lover favorability towards the logotype. The Elks take in won the Hoary Transfuse Sir Thomas More than any early team up except the Toronto Argonauts, including Sir Thomas More championships than whatsoever former since the CFL was defined in the 1950s. This places the Elks indorse boilers suit to the Toronto Argonauts, World Health Organization accept South Korean won 17 Gray Cups (heptad since the CFL was defined in 1954). The team also made playoffs for 37 sequential long time from 1927 to 2005, a Union American line of work summercater book. The Elks let besides LED the CFL in attendance for many age. Team alumni undergo figured prominently in Alberta opinion life: preceding players include two former bucolic premiers (Saint Peter Lougheed and Donald Getty), a old city manager of Edmonton (Beak Smith), and a lieutenant-regulator (Geographical region Kwong). The Edmonton Elks sustain a insurance of honouring the players who consume better represented the team on the line of business. The player's name, identification number and seasons played with the Edmonton Elks are displayed on the butt of the concrete separating the landing field pull down from the glower bowlful of The Brick Field of battle at Body politic Bowl. The Elks dungeon the numbers in circulation kinda than bed them from usance. Wagerer (an anthropomorphic football) and Transfix (an elk) are the mascots for the Edmonton Elks. They were introduced in 2004 and 2021, severally. Nanook, a gelid bear, was introduced in 1997, only was emeritus and replaced with Fortify in 2021, cooccurring with the rebranding. 2021 CFL Scout & Immortalise Word of God. The Edmonton Rugger Football game Order was reorganized as the Esquimaux on October. 16, 1908 at a coming together in the House of Windsor Hotel on Jasper Avenue and 101st Street. Tweet) - via Twitter. Jones, Dame Ellen Terry (2016-08-24). "Eskimos are still league leaders in attendance numbers, but half the seats at Commonwealth are empty".